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Specialty Services in Roseville

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As a trusted family dentist in Roseville and St. Clair Shores for over 40 years, we have cared for the same families over multiple generations, bringing our holistic approach to patients of every age.

Specialty Services

Bone Regeneration

When teeth are extracted, the jawbone associated with the missing teeth atrophies, or resorbs. Often, this results in a situation where there is not enough remaining bone to allow for implant placement without regenerating, or re-growing, the lost bone.

Today, we have the ability to regenerate bone where needed so the question is no longer, “can an implant be placed?” but rather, “what needs to be done to prepare the site prior to implant placement?” But don’t fret. Our surgeons utilize the most cutting-edge technology and techniques on the market to regenerate your lost bone dimension. The technique elected by your surgeon will be explained to you in detail at your consultation appointment. There are several tried and true ways to regrow lost bone, and the technique chosen depends on several factors that are individual to you. Sometimes our surgeons can complete the bone graft at the same time as implant placement, while in other cases (when there is minimal existing bone to work with) we will need to let the grafted site heal for 4-6 months prior to implant placement.

Bone Regeration Roseville
Crown Lengthening Roseville

Crown Lengthening

Treat your “gummy smile” with aesthetic crown lengthening

Have you ever thought “my teeth seem too small” or “I show too much gum when I smile?” If so, you are not alone! Approximately 10% of patients show too much gum when smiling. But there is good news! Oftentimes a “gummy smile” can be corrected. Typically, teeth that appear short, or square, may actually be the proper length but are covered up by too much gum tissue. If this is the case, the gum line is repositioned to expose the full contour of your hiding, natural tooth, providing an immediate and dramatic improvement in your smile!

Tooth Extractions

What is a tooth extraction?

Extractions are the removal of teeth from boney housing in your mouth. There are several reasons why we may recommend you have a tooth extracted but rest assured, you are in good hands. Our team of experts is trained to use the most gentle, painless techniques possible if it is decided your tooth must be removed.

Tooth Extraction Roseville
Impacted Teeth Roseville

Impacted Teeth

When a tooth fails to erupt through the bone and gums, it is called an impacted tooth. This commonly occurs with upper canine teeth.

To correct this problem, our specialists and dentists will all work closely together to develop a customized plan on how best to locate the hiding tooth and move it into the correct position. Likely a 3D scan will be recommended to allow your team to know exactly where the tooth is hiding. Once the plan is developed, your surgeon will locate your impacted, “hiding” tooth and “expose it” by attaching an orthodontic bracket or gold chain to it. This will allow your orthodontist to apply slow forces to the hidden tooth, guiding it into the correct position. Teamwork is everything.

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Whole Dental Wellness offers a wide variety of services. If you are not sure what you need or have questions about any of our services, contact our Roseville dentists for a Consultation today.

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A frenectomy is simply the removal, or repositioning of a frenum. A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues that prevents tissues from moving too far.

There are three frena within your mouth that may obstruct function, cause recession, or prohibit your orthodontist from completing your recommended orthodontic therapy. These frena are called the maxillary labial frenum (which connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums just above your upper two front teeth), mandibular labial frenum (which connects the inside of your lower lip to your gums just below your lower two front teeth), and the lingual frenum (which connects your tongue to the floor of the mouth). The removal of the frenulum does not cause any adverse effects to the lip and mouth, nor changes in your appearance.

Frenectomy Roseville
Gingivectomy Roseville


Gingivectomy means excision of the gingiva, or gum tissue. A gingivectomy is necessary when the gums have grown over the crowns of the teeth, creating deep pockets.

These pockets make it hard to clean affected teeth. The procedure involves removing and reshaping this excess gum tissue to eliminate the pockets between the teeth and gums. Following this procedure, more of your tooth will be visible. With good oral hygiene and regular maintenance visits, it is likely that the gingivectomy will stop gum disease progression.

Whole Dental Wellness was founded on the belief that true dental care must look beyond the mouth and embrace the individual as a whole. We strive to set ourselves apart by focusing on your unique needs and partnering to help you be your healthiest you.

Sinus Lifts

Implant success depends on the quantity and quality of the bone the implant is placed in.

Traditionally, the upper back jaw has been one of the most difficult areas to successfully place dental implants due to insufficient quantity and quality of bone. Bone in this area tends to be less dense than in other areas of your jaw. In addition, when an upper molar is lost, your maxillary sinuses, which are behind your cheeks and above your upper molars, pneumatized, or expand downward. Whole Dental Wellness offers a variety of sinus lift procedures depending on what you need to provide you the ability to get dental implants and a beautiful smile.

Sinus Lifts Roseville
Socket Grafting Roseville

Socket Grafting

Preserving your bone for future implant placement.

There is a special type of bone surrounding your teeth, called alveolar bone, and exists solely to support your teeth. Immediately following a tooth extraction, this bone begins to shrink. A socket graft is a bone grafting procedure where the socket, or “hole” present in your jawbone when your tooth is extracted, is filled with bone either immediately following extraction in preparation for a future dental implant or in conjunction with an immediate implant placement that same day. With immediate implants, this may be necessary to fill a small gap in the bone surrounding the implant site. Early on, the grafting material will support the tissue surrounding the socket, and in time will be replaced by your own new, healthy, natural bone. This bone will be an excellent support should you choose later to have dental implant-supported replacement teeth.

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